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 Our lives and the smartphone of today has become inseparable longer. Spectacle that use smartphone if overlooks around is not it is rare to enter the eye. Even Sumaho you have such casually used, it may Tokusuru to be know that dangerous and if you do not know. In addition, in recent years has increased smartphone use of low age group. In order to not get into trouble also should not be not learn well the smartphone in parent and child. Therefore, learning fun for smartphone and I would like to enjoy a comfortable Sumahoraifu, we created a website for use fun the smartphone. This site has been produced by the following four.
Shoutarou   Sumaho history 0 seconds
 Sentence, I was responsible for information collection. Since using the Garake is not a smartphone, you learned smartphone from scratch. Myself was also think that it is about time wanna change the smartphone While we learn. Many people are happy if you can bring learning to see this site.
  Sou       Sumaho history 1 year 8 months
   I was responsible for text and illustrations. It was produced by try to be a fun and learn site. Sentence I have summarized as read fun anyone even people not familiar even more information about the smartphone.
  Mizuki      Sumaho history 8 months
   I was responsible for research and sentence. As you It was the first time to produce a site will be Gradually, day to complete was feeling impatient. It is a smartphone that I always use you took interesting coming out a lot of things you do not know As you survey.
  Masaharu     Sumaho history 8 months
   I was responsible for HTML and text. Sumaho was put together a sentence to be less of trouble occurs because things always use. It was and is hard to produce a site, but we were able to continue to happily production.">