In this site, you should face the smartphone How did from elementary school to high school students, whether should face the Internet is that it discuss with family, we believe that a prerequisite to use fun the smartphone. Children, unlike adults, self-control is not developed. So, even as had been likened filtering, to discuss it we believe it is important. First of all, does not mean that safe if you have filtering. There is also addiction and bullying problems such as. Smartphone is packed a lot of various things fun and convenient. However, if the benefits than receiving a child, what not than do not not have to be a minimum of behavior as a parent. If you do not know it, such as the Internet is, and that it be taught to children, rather than give up, and I also would also take tool communication. Rather than relying on filtering on this site, towards the high school graduation and we believe it is best to go loosen gradually family of rules. From restrictive took environment in filtering, I think is not a dangerous person who is depressed to stretch unregulated world. Through this site, I'd appreciate it if accustomed to opportunity where I am reviewing the relationship between the family and the smartphone.

Let's decide in parent and child

Decide and good rules

 In on using a smartphone is, it is necessary to determine the rules between the firmly parents and children. Here, we would like to introduce you to some examples for the good rule and decide.

It is suggested that you do not touch in the diet

Meal in it is an important time in helping to speak with family. You will not talk to you and family have touched only smartphone at such time. Meal in it would be a good make a rule that does not use a smartphone.

Let's determine the time

 When I touch the smartphone without deciding the time, pawl will no longer work. Continued to do until late at night, you might would destroy the life rhythm, etc. become lack of sleep. So as not to be so and the "up to one hour before going to bed," "until ten o'clock", it would be a good idea to decide the amount of time you use, such as "one day to one hour."

Let's decide to use location

It is not good is like would seclusion in the room have smartphone just touch. It, is that it is not good even look healthy. Therefore, so as not to use in my room, but what you can try to make the location of the smartphone in the living parent of eyes reach. By doing so, you will be able to continue to prevent the overuse of smartphone.

Let's be clear the purpose of use

What time should I use a smartphone to, it would be a good idea to clearly decided to discuss firmly in parent and child. All of the contact is where you want to avoid the situation, such as that done by e-mail. Let's leave decided Similarly, when contact with my friends. Even in the case of use for entertainment purposes such as game, what kind and content if using that may be of, let's to discuss firmly. Since small things also good in, please try to determine the rules for the use of smartphones in the family. In cooperation with parents and children, it is suggested that you do able to skillfully take advantage of the smartphone.


Learn filtering

In recent years, the parent is not much understanding of filtering, it may lead to disable the filtering to leave is said to children. As well go tell firmly the importance of filtering to children, parents themselves also must be wearing the knowledge of the filtering.

What is filtering?

The filtering, the Web page is to determine whether harmful or harmless, it is the ability to us to block so that it is not possible to browse when it is determined to be harmful. By applying filtering, will prevent that the child access to the harmful site using a smartphone and game consoles. Therefore, I have been more and more parents to apply the filtering when the child to use the Internet to. By the way, if you want to use the filtering service, because you can use basically also monthly free any mobile phone company, you will be able to apply a feel free to filtering.

To be safe

For children, there is a page that can not see it might be impatient, but is that it is necessary for safety. In addition, filtering through the mobile phone company, only does not work when using the mobile phone of the line. If you are connected to the net by using the Wi-Fi and apps, so caution is needed in some cases to not take enough filtering. To prevent this, it is the best method of installing the browser type of filtering applications.  Originally, even without the filtering, and talking with parents and children to continue to determine the boundary line, together but figure like that able to think about the dangers of smartphone is is the most ideal, it does not go quite so well. As one of the means to protect children from dangerous sites, you may want to introduce all means filtering function.

Parents also learn it

I do not not learn Even parent

Sumaho dependent and, now that the disturbance of lifestyle by smartphone has been making noise, it's to have a smartphone to children, and I think Some parents feel anxious. As the solution, the parent also firmly understand smartphone, it is common to tell the children. If the parent does not know anything about the smartphone, it does not have the corresponding thing as trouble occurs when a child is using a smartphone. So, It is desirable to keep wearing the knowledge of the parents smartphone. In addition, those that lead to net other than smartphone with what children have, it is also important to manage to grasp properly those that do not lead.

Let's talk it over carefully and children

Because children only say from the parent does not have to think about the rules from myself, it does not go quite well. When you use a smartphone, whether it is in order to really make sure to children that they should not as it may be, will not than important that you make also thought to firmly discussion children in parent and child? For children even if not under the parent management of to be able to use correctly smartphone, also considered face of danger rather than children themselves only fun at the smartphone, it is necessary to have the consciousness to protect the rules and morals. So, learn together in a parent-child, that I have become very important to discuss. Necessarily filtering does not mean necessary. Discussion with parent and child, and decide whether fared far specifically, and to is okay if not filtering if it is protect, if you seemed not protect filtering is has become necessary. Observe the rule that was made with parent and child, filtering I think also it is unnecessary it's most ideal no. Parents also firmly learn about smartphone, well discussion, let's build an environment like able using correctly the smartphone in parent and child.