Teenagers everyone is age that should not be not have to be as Tsukiaeru very well and the world of the Internet as become adults. So, it is important to decide to discuss the width available of stepwise smartphone family. Maybe then, there may be even if you do not Hanashiae family. Is such a case, filtering setting is required.  What is the age at which it is found what is bad correctly. However, must be even recognize that it is not in the age to work is self-control to any thing. That's why, while re-recognize the self-control is discussed in the family or to use a smartphone, or get limited by filtering will think important.  The teenagers of time, or worse is dominated by smartphone, is the time of trouble in the smartphone increases rapidly. Such people, when you begin to use, it is not never thought Nante yourself become a victim. Maybe, you would also be so. However, slow I than from becoming so. In this page, you need knowledge to teenagers to use the smartphone has been a lot published. Learn well, please spend a fun Sumahoraifu.

Be careful

Get to know what needs to be careful

 Teenagers everybody, I think most people have a smartphone. Smartphone is something fun Very convenient, but you have to be tough if you do not use it to observe the rules and manners. Here, we will introduce that I want to take care when using a smartphone.

The attempt to limit the time

 This is a recent teenagers in many seen for a smartphone addiction. Have touched the smartphone until late at night, then you'll be a lot even people who are turned into lack of sleep. As a countermeasure for not such addiction, are mentioned to limit the time to use the smartphone. It is around that should not to be able to control yourself in myself anymore. Everything be determined the time, it is I important to go through it with a sharp.

The attempt to limit the game of billing

 Smartphone from is developed, has been increasing a lot of Sumahoapuri. Teenagers everyone person with a game in Sumahoapuri would be many. Meanwhile, I think than some people that the charges in order to buy the items in the game? But, since become serious thing more and more money decreased Too billing, create that determines even if to the billing, such as "only thousand yen a month", do not use any more money please try as.

Gonna information morals to wear

 Recently has become a moral no posts on the SNS are many social issues. When you post to the SNS is, really let's you from considering well whether what the content is appropriate. In addition, carelessly and will post such as your face photo, There are also cases that get into trouble. It is important to consider well even if you want to attach a photo. Also, it has become important even information morals when viewing the site on the Internet. There is a filtering function to reduce the net damage, but it does not and that should not to be necessarily over filtering if accustomed with teenagers. Himself firmly put the information morals to wear, it's all well and good if you know plainly that it should not be doing and that may be doing. The wearing information morals, let's so able with fun the smartphone.


Get to know the addiction

 Recent years of teenagers is there are many people who have always carry a smartphone. As can be seen even when viewed from this graph, you can see that the person who owns the smartphone when it comes to teenagers are much more. You can the SNS and games in the smartphone if you can have time even a little, some people bring the smartphone also to the toilet and bathroom are in it. It seems to be a living, such as if not live with like smartphone is not. I called a smartphone addiction that of such people. People of smartphone addiction is also data that more than people of alcoholism, making it the problem.

Let the addiction check

Let's check your smartphone dependent level from now. Please check that apply. ・Become anxious when the smartphone when you go out and forget to home ・I have unconsciously touching the smartphone ・Or charge can be of smartphone, or, I have decided to shop entered in such as whether Wi-Fi environment is in place ・If you have forgotten the purse, you have to remember only smartphone ・Morning, I touch the smartphone immediately awake ・If you have it you do not know, to investigate immediately with smartphone ・If you forget your charger smartphone, you would buy with ・I did not have arrived, and would think smartphone vibrates ・Sleep while holding the smartphone ・I touch a smartphone during a meal ・I do not want to go to a place you do not receive, radio waves ・There is time to act to create a story to be written like the SNS ・I think if it had not SNS is, human relations is no longer ・SNS is worrisome also in extracurricular activities, I would look at the smartphone People check with 7 or more is smartphone addiction reserve army. Who checked with 10 or more is completely smartphone addiction.

Smartphone addiction measures

smartphone addiction as alcohol and tobacco, it is very frightening disease because seems difficult symptoms to stop in his or her intention. Let's dating well with Sumaho so as not to smartphone addiction. So, I will introduce some of the examples of measures to reduce the smartphone dependent. ・It is not brought the smartphone to bet Most it is easily possible way. You will be able to regain a regular life by eliminating the habit of touching the smartphone before going to bed. ・To isolate and put an app that they've spent time in the folder. The name of the folder to encourage awareness by making it such as "dependent application", and suppresses the overuse. ・I want to change input is annoying password If set to long and complex password, you will not be dependent on the nature and smartphone will Mendokusaku it is open the smartphone. However, you can became not open quickly in the event of an emergency, let it be too complicated to note that there be or no longer know the password. ・Do not use the notification feature Reduces the opportunity to care about the smartphone by making the notification feature to OFF, will reduce the frequency of use. However, there is a high possibility that the reaction is slow even for important contact, you need to be careful. There seems to be this way. People who are aware that he's a smartphone addiction, you may want to try these methods.

Cherish conversation

Conversation, or not less?

 Does your, does not decrease the conversation with parents recently? If you're temporarily reduced, or it is not the fault of the smartphone? In recent years, you're messing only smartphone even in the house, you can see a lot less to do people a conversation with a parent. Valuable time with family to play around just Sumaho Let in order not to waste.

Observe the rules fun smartphone

The specific method, family in the "Use before 22:00 is" "use in the diet is prohibited" of such as "to limit the usage time of the day", it is useful to make a determined. However, it is necessary to have a firm consciousness, with or without a determined. And because not making determined and rather than would use own way to say, children themselves also be used to have the awareness to protect the moderation, let's use it carefully so that it does not lead to such thing be picked up. By using a smartphone, Become a neglected time with family, you can allow, and I think you think bad even family to me bought him.

The communication through the smartphone

 Smartphone does not necessarily worsen the family relationships. And case to increase communication with the family through the SNS, there is also a app for taking the communication with family, you can share your memories with family in such application, it is possible to or configure the private SNS family only you. In addition, families with small children, it is possible to watch by using the location information service, also is becoming commonplace use of such peace of mind. In this way, it is not only worsen the relationship with the family because of the smartphone. Well utilizes a smartphone, I hope When you are help in order to better the relationship between the family.