If you now use fun from elementary school a smartphone, it's great. However, being in previous smartphone is not only friendly adult. There are also a variety of manners is to use the smartphone. That you have not learned in school, I have spread the previous smartphone. So, I a smartphone it is want you to become available in consultation with dad and mom. First of all, the environment that you can use the Internet not only smartphone is, ask them to filter set to dad or mom. This filtering is intended to protect your our elementary school. And, in consultation with the dad and mom that various Try to decide. That is the first step to use fun the smartphone. In this page, you need knowledge to elementary school students to use the smartphone has been a lot published. The well-learned in, fun Sumahoraifu Please spend.

Be careful

Let's beware the location you want to use the smartphone

 Let careful where you use when you want to use a smartphone. For example, do-out public transportation (Symphony transportation, such as buses and trains When you use the N), let's do not use a smartphone. You can phone in a loud voice, when you play games with great sound, around It will become a nuisance (annoying) of the human (around). In addition, a movie theater (cinema) and theater (theater), museums (busi-Let's also not attempt to use in ~Yutsukan). Light and sound emanating from the smartphone will become the way (the way) of the people around. Besides this Also, there is a lot of places that must be careful when using a smartphone. Mind that you use to firmly observe the manners Let cliff.

Let's beware the wording

 Anyone, I'd be in the unpleasant feelings Once spurned. The Naco hate is yourself Door and should not be to others. You can talk with various people in the SNS and chat, but ill like hurt the other person absolute (It is suggested that you do not written in absolute).

Let attention to the handling of personal information

 When looking at the various sites, address and phone number (phone number), name, etc.And invited to you to enter the personal information of the (invited to) come there is a site. Maybe then, you enter your personal information in such siteWhen to become, you might get used to bad things. So, really the site is a place that you can credit (Shenyang)Or well from check, let's to decide whether to enter personal information.  There are a lot of that this addition to dont do not care. Thinking a lot about my things and the other party, correctly fun Suma Let's use the host.

Even in the game

 Elementary school students of everyone, even if they do not have a smartphone game Would not than many people that machine have? Recently, able to connect the game machine to the Internet not only SumahoI can. You can talk in chat through the Internet, and now so can many things for example, examine or somethingVinegar.  You talk about things to keep in mind when using such a game machine.

Be careful in chat

 For example, boasts a game item that has the yourself in chat (Bragging) or, suppose you have or wrong the name of the character. It would be told the terrible ill due to (cause), I will or led to problems such as bullying. You may also be said in joke (joke) or accidentally led to the incident. Do not become ill before you speak when you use such as chat, such as whether not been proud (Bragging), Let it from reviewing many times.

Be careful on the Internet

 When are the ones examined in the game machine, it may leads to harmful (adverse) site. When will look at the bad influence (influence), such as to provide a site, you may want to or is said to Pay suddenly (suddenly) money. Is not only used in the feeling that looks interesting, "this site is okay kana?" Let's use it to think well with.

Trying to consultation

 Since the game machine also the same as the smartphone, you can turned into big trouble is the people and the quarrel you do not know in the chat, you can accidentally enter the site you do not know, with or got caught up in the incident (incident) dangerous (danger ) There is a thing. In order to prevent it, comes with a feature called filtering to protect from danger (danger) (yesterday). This filtering is you can not be a conversation (conversation) with people who do not know in the chat, in order to prevent it from being entered into the site you do not know, because the Add site can be determined according to the their age (age) Let's decided in consultation with the dad and mom (consultation).  Is a filtering surprising, so always try to use the game machine together with dad and mom. If you are using only your own, you will not be able to, such as in the immediate consultation when you accidentally flying to sites that do not know (consultation). So, try to use it from telling first dad and mom when you use the Internet, so always try to use in front of dad mom. And, if it is in trouble you (was troubled), let's immediately consultation (consultation).

Money important

 Recently, online games using the smartphone is, has become a very popular even in children as well as adults. According to the consumer center around the country, children using arbitrarily parent credit card, by, for example, to download purchase (purchase) and software of game items, many of consultation that has been billed There are.

Credit card

 Some of the credit card service, if you enter the once number, later there is no need to enter, there is also what you would be able to use the money to continue as it is. Therefore, you may claim amount (ball control calyx) is expensive. I want a game item, just feeling that you want to download the software, without permission and for that by issuing the credit card from such parent of wallet do the input of numbers is that you should not be doing absolutely. When there is a software that you want to download and when there is a want item, let's consult every parent. And, buy where there are parent Once I got the permission of the parent, let's do the download. However, let's firmly discussion by, for example listen to why bad for Once you purchase when you've refused to parent.

Other than credit card

 Credit in non-card, it is also what you say service by the prepaid card is the amount that can be used such as "up to 1000 yen" and "up to 5000 yen" is determined. For example, when I want a prepaid card that can be used 1000 yen worth, the 1000 yen earlier in Cash card purchase, after entering the serial number that is written to the prepaid card, you can use up to 1000 yen on the smartphone. In addition, prepaid cards are sold in convenience stores and shopping centers, there is also a way that buy in reservoir yourself in your pocket money. Because it is card that I bought in the pocket money worth it earned yourself, there is a charm (charm) that use it as their favorite.  Card so different from the usual coins and bills would be diminished consciousness referred to as "are using the money" is, you may get too much use with the money. Firmly in consultation with parents, so always try to use it to plan.