Sumaho It has been introduced to be a very useful tool. However, it is even true that become easy victims and perpetrators If you do not use correctly. In this page, you know firmly part of the darkness of the smartphone, please wear the correct knowledge in order to use the fun smartphone.

Health damage

 Our life has changed dramatically with the advent of the smartphone. Sumaho would say that is no longer inseparable and our lives. Meanwhile, our smartphone that will enrich the life, I will have a strong dependence on the order is convenient. And by overuse, you may do harm to health. Here, I will continue to introduce the one cases.

It is the original sleep disorders

 The Blue Light (blue in a kind of light) emanating from the smartphone there is excitement action, I will activate the brain. Therefore, you may become the original sleep disorders, such as difficult to sleep at night.

Damage to the retina (eye) due to the effect of the Blue Light

 Blue light is light that has a very strong energy even in the light visible to the human eye. Therefore, it has been said to put a heavy burden on the eyes. Damaged macular in the organs of the retina of the eye and hold bathed in strong blue light, or become tired eyes, it will become susceptible to eye diseases. When applied to the eye of the disease, it is careful because fear also that lead to blindness. As a countermeasure, there to be such as to use as much as possible or reduce the brightness of the screen of the smartphone, a dedicated glasses to cut the blue light. Also must be careful when using in a dark place.

Influence of electromagnetic waves

 Sumaho it has been the mobile phone until now said to have occurred the difference a lot of electromagnetic waves. Sumaho electromagnetic waves of high frequency occurs easily cause a health hazard, especially likely to have greater damage to the brain. When using a smartphone, it is desirable to use away from possible face, the distance between the smartphone and the face it is better that is to avoid to be used for a long time within 15cm. If you are a long phone call, let's not be too close to the very body the smartphone by using a fixed telephone rather than smartphones.  These streets, smartphone the other hand conveniently have been found to provide a variety of adverse effects. Sumaho will recognize the fact that there are things that can harm it is too use excessive body, it is suggested that you do continue to moderate leverage.

Slander, bullying

Smartphone is a tool to spread the friendship

 Recently, increased penetration of smartphone of junior high and high school students, opportunities for children touches the net has been significantly increased. Teenagers is that it has become that available feel free to SNS. At the same start moved into stage of bullying from the real world of the net at the same time, has been especially increasing bullying at SNS. In addition, there seems to also be trouble of SNS is to develop into trouble in reality. The main example ・ Himself ill is written large number that you do not be confirmed. ・Flowed forcibly taken off the video to classmates at SNS ・For acquaintance has a read ignore latches confinement her (middle school girls) of the acquaintance ・Because it was sent word to be "troublesome", acts of violence, such as kicking or hitting to the high school girls who sent as the retaliation has been made And so on.  These cause, I can say that to feel free from anonymity of grudge and net in the real world there is an environment in which she can comment. Especially write the words malicious anyway in that it's anonymous, children of simplistic writing that do not know the impact of the words of the net, has become the original anti said was trouble. In order to prevent this sad event such happens also, a simplistic statement, calling ahead, I important be utilized to observe the netiquette and manners. Can not be undone be written. Remark, Become a once calm before making a call, let's to objectively think. Also, these are not the good things Finish reworking in children only problem. Parents also know the risk of SNS, I do not do so that we learn along with the children. You can provide a promise of SNS use, be or multiplied by the filtering and will lead to bullying prevention. Is a convenient tool SNS That's why, you should not be so that we use wisely. Observe the rule and manners, let's correctly use.

Junk E-Mail

 Similar to a personal computer for e-mail that reaches the smartphone, there is a junk e-mail. From those that try to click on the URL, it shall itself virus has been charged in, you will receive a variety of types, such as those that come to claim a large sum of money.

I do not open e-mail from people you do not know

 Many of the junk e-mail when trying to achieve a goal, you can fueled a sense of anxiety, you can try to attract in such interesting content. You can use the mail filtering service that mobile companies are provided as a measure, there are a variety of ways such as or set the spoofing prevention function. In addition, you can introduce the anti-virus software so that it is not infected with the virus, it is also important such as updating to a new OS without forever the old OS. If too many junk e-mail arrives, it is better that you change your email address. Mail from addy that it is not because even dangerous Ya suspicious mail known only open can be said that it advisable not as much as possible open.

URL with mail careful from people you do not know

 Is careful when sentence from people you do not know by e-mail or message with the URL has been sent. The purpose of sending've opponent has been taken measures of several in order to push the URL that are about the mail. For example Dattari content and interesting content, such as you can win money by clicking on the URL, and was intrigued by a variety of methods such as the contents of dating you been trying to press the URL. Sometimes you can become a hot topic that content is too shocking, but there also be or have been sent with the contents difficult to distinguish such as "addy has been changed" is in, there is also that would have been really fooled. In such cases-mail that you are appropriately send many, never you can reply to the e-mail, it should not be or press the URL. When replying to or it is on the other side addy that even a good as taught shall be real. Mail from people you do not know do not easily trust, you are advised to remove immediately. If you could accidentally open the URL, if you've reply, it is recommended that you immediately change your email address.

Online shop

Online game

 Introduction smartphone or tablet is popular, it is becoming to be able to play a game such as online through the app with a small child. At the same has been at the same time, more and more financial trouble, such as expensive claims caused to repeated billing. Complete Gacha has been regulated, but still yet caused a large amount of charging by children. All small children games that begin with these freely is crowded I think free, it seems they often led to the large amount of claims. Or supposed to be When I leave, such as children's Sumaho circumstances to shoulder a lot of debt, it has the potential to become the worst case personal bankruptcy. It is important to know well promise to be and children and their game.

Online shopping

 There are a lot of things to be careful so as not to expensive claim other than games. Online shopping and online auction is one of them. Especially online shopping might that had become quite amount of money If you notice within which will become also this is also there. Furthermore unlike or to that thought what you actually received and those bought These net is often made on the basis of the trouble and can not been sent. The net auction there is also the fact that is taken only is no longer able to bid to absolutely have become a form of penny auction (bid to take the commission to) those malicious fee. In order to avoid these situations, you can find out the such as whether credit can be, do not I have to or investigated whether support can take. ※Complete Gacha…It is possible to align the specific items for a fee Gacha in the game, a system that rare item enters the hand.

About one-click fraud

 Smartphone has became easily targeted as a new target of cyber criminals. Has been steadily made new fraud app, because even if you removed when you delete will be produced the following fraud app, is a situation that is not able to go quite reduce the damage. So this time, I will continue to introduce such remedy one-click fraud aimed at smartphone.

Modus operandi of fraud app

 It would be run in less notice that it is a fraud app, is often a pattern to be charge a high fee. For example, when the user performs several times a simple click operation, it is that appears billing screen after you notice the message "registration has been completed." This addition to the presence of a variety of patterns, must be careful.


 Most appropriate action way is to ignore. Even as a message is displayed such as "Please do ○○ ten thousand yen remit", it should not be anything. Please do not panic even if there is a statement that "until ○ ○ May days". That to obtain the personal information of the user's the aim of the criminal.

How to avoid the one-click fraud

・Do not know the provider application should not be installed  Formal mobile phone company is performing the operation and monitoring, it is suggested that you do the installation from the official app store that you can trust. Even the official, should be avoided in coming something like asking an unnatural permissions. ・Let's avoid inadvertent click  It should not be click carelessly image or URL. In particular, authentication button (example: Yes · Enter) Because there is a case that contains the membership Terms, must be careful. ・Let's always introduce the latest security software  Smartphone is the same as the personal computer, in order to use safely requires security. In order to ensure safety, let always prevent fraud by introducing the latest security software.

While The smartphone

 Everyone is, do you have heard the word "walk smartphone"? Meaning as it is, it is the state that is touching the smartphone while walking. If the walking Sumaho high risk of an accident, it has become from the fact that it is dangerous, even in recent years social issues. Also be limited to only during walking, and it is also called "while smartphone" from that there are also many people who touch the smartphone while riding in a car or bicycle. "While smartphone" is, why do I do not, will explain why.

While smartphone of risk

 When are working with a smartphone during or during operation walking, the screen only to would be distracted, will be reduced attention to the surroundings. Visibility at that time, it has been generally said to become reduced to the 1/20 of the time. As a result, is for the case to many seen that would develop into a big accident that was not even thought.

The accident smartphone while

 For example, in the last year of May, die while riding in male high school students bike to become absorbed in Sumahogemu, is not aware of the 81-year-old woman who had been walking in front, collide, to fracture the bone of the jaw bones and the fingers of your right hand it will not let the injury, accident, such as that they are sent papers on suspicion of gross negligence failure is what happened. In this way, to watch just smartphone, or walking people around is not visible, only say that to the operation, what not many people remember the sense of crisis? For this reason, while it is called a smartphone, not only himself becomes a danger, you must notice that you that are over a very annoying to people around. Also, walking smartphone because the attention would be missing to around, It seems easy to also targeted as snatching of target。  Recently, as well see a poster that enlighten the prevention of smartphone walking in the station and the city, we can say is that the smartphone walking in terms of manners do not. Is called many times, very dangerous Once you have from people around, and let's firmly recognize that it's a nuisance. And, while the smartphone should try so as not to absolute.

Malicious app

 Smartphone is the largest is an attractive app, but there also must be careful while there is a lot of fun app. Depending on the installed apps, there are those that use personal information such as phone book and position information of the smartphone. The app, if it was unauthorized application (fraud app), it may lead to personal information unwittingly outflow to somewhere. To prevent such a risk, it introduces be given three air now. 1.Introduction to paid apps, free apps regardless, where if the company had made, whether there is any function, accounting, let's understand the basic information of the app you want to install, such as it is needed. If that is not listed app creator you want to install, is likely to be incorrect application. 2.Let's look at the evaluation of the application you want to install. You can see the evaluation the user reviews in the app install screen by the number of comments and stars. By actually people who use it to see what I think about the app, you can be an indicator to decide whether or not to install. Let the reference. 3.It is that after application installation The function of the app, if you use the personally identifiable information such as phone book and GPS, except when necessary to let to OFF. For example, if you upload a photo that contains such by the position information blog there is a danger of known address of such others of the house, ON, switching of OFF is important. In order to enjoy the app fully, let's complete the installation of the app care three things on your own.