Smartphone is a tool that make for various convenient. On the pages of "Let's learn about the smartphone", it has been learned about the SNS, which is also the representative of fun use of the smartphone, it is possible to put a variety of applications in addition to it, there are ways to use. In this page, I will introduce a part of such utilization method. Please try to research the fun use of my own.


 A lot of people are textbooks and reference books, smartphone use the notes I think there are many people who stash not to use when you want to study. Smartphone would not a few people who believe not only in the way. However, smartphone also is to turn into excellent study tool depending on usage. Here, we'll show you how to make the study a smartphone you are carry always.

Study of utilizing the recorded

 It is a method using the recording tools such as voice recorder. Read the textbooks and English words on your own, you can record it to the smartphone. It is a way to learn by listening repeatedly after it. You can study while doing light exercise such as jogging or walking it's this way. In addition, even in situations where I do not want too have the baggage such as in a bus or train, and then use the earphone, if put the smartphone in your pocket, you will be able to study without having anything to hand.

Study that utilizes a photo

 It is a way to use the photo. Textbooks and reference books, you will be able to study only a light luggage that smartphone in that you met with such notes in the photo. Sumaho photos of looks pretty clean even expanded with a high degree of accuracy. By using this, you may not take them a heavy textbooks and reference books to reach destination, you will be able to solve that I thought suddenly wondered.

Study of using the app

 Things that you can learn English and Chinese characters has been enhanced in Sumahoapuri. For example, in the case of a foreign language and you will be able to listen to the exact pronunciation and native pronunciation anywhere. This is in such apps is also one that can be studied in the game sense, there is also an advantage that can be fun and study than to study normally. Study also is not good people, what not easy to wearing the knowledge if in the smartphone apps.  In this way I will say the ICT education that of education using digital devices such as smartphones. In recent years, this ICT education has been widespread. Digital content, visually and clearly than the conventional, it is possible to improve the willingness of learning, there are advantages such as. Sumaho also by how to use, is that become respectable study tool. Sumaho Let's to help study by well take advantage of.


Camera app

 In the turtle camera app, not only ordinary photography, you can be able to take a picture by adding a variety of frame and character, you can freely decoration and from taking pictures, by arranging a plurality of photo such as those that can you can finish in one of the photos, there is a variety of things. To artistic photos from interesting photo taking advantage of the good and the ease of image quality of the smartphone an easy-to-shoot, you can edit.

Video editing app

 In the video editing app, the video that was captured by the camera app sorted freely so that you can finish in one of the videos. In addition, you can add each of the titles and BGM that fits in the video, just the normal camera app can not be expressed, and you can add effects such as dim a (effect). This is a video how to try to make a such as if using the edit function to the full family of memories of photo slideshows and movie scene.

Drawing app

 In drawing app, luggage, such as sketch books and paint is No need, you can easily painting only in smartphone body. The available colors and lines, tools for drawing a picture of a brush is enriched, you can produce illustrations, such as landscape painting. Finished work can also be directly posted to share and net other users.

Music app

 The music application, in addition to adding their favorite music, and some that can create a play list or to display the lyrics. Music you can listen to and download from music store from free ones to those paid, you can listen to music in conjunction with the video site. Nakaniwa, to match the music to display the lyrics in order, there is also a feature that allows you to enjoy the karaoke. Add music to suit your taste, let's feel the joy of music.


Alarm app

 Auto The Alarm app, not just those that can you ring the alarm when it is time you set, the shallow-depth apps and user of sleep that function that brings a support of sleep by passing the BGM until sleep is on in the form of a graph, there is also a app that will cause it sounded the alarm when sleep is shallow. Thus, even in human awakening is bad, you might make for what was refreshing in the morning.

Health management app

 The health management app, there are those who will and those that it is possible to keep a diary to take the photo, such as daily exercise and diet, weight management, calorie management. You can Minaose his life in the daily diary, by registering a meal, how much and whether it will be able to know easily have ingested calories. It is good to be able to use it with both my feeling that this and health management application "Tai health Idei".

Household account book app

 In the household account book app, you can easily spending record entry in the smartphone. Nakaniwa, simply by taking pictures and receipt of us represent spending graph include those which can be given daily household. Even if you're annoying that keep household accounts every day, and I think we can be able to continue on a daily basis so simple to make if you have this app.

Navi app

 The Navi app is an app that uses the GPS function of the smartphone. If even this app, car can be done and as well are here and destination settings and car navigation system, you will also less you get lost on the go. In addition, also equipped with voice guidance function, you can use actually even while driving a car. Navi app that various functions marked with, will be excellent supporters of your journey.

Schedule management application

 schedule management app, is an application that can be written the schedule as of notebook with smartphone. In addition to writing the schedule also, add the icon as he easy to understand, you will be able to manage easy to see. In addition, such as appointments and birthdays of work, and me also notice that it becomes on the day.


Book app

 Book app, you can enjoy reading to download the e-book from the store. Books that you can download, but there are those of free stuff and paid, genre is very rich. Download your favorite books, it might be interesting to the smartphone try to own bookshelf.

Game app

 Game app, puzzle games and quiz games, RPG, etc. There are many variations. Not only enjoy alone, is feel free to be attractive to play in cooperative play by communicating with friends. However, since there is likely to be to the cause and smartphone addiction addicted to the game app, to use the game app let's in moderation.

Radio app

 In recent years, development of the media significantly, the opportunity to listen to the radio has been reduced. Therefore, taking advantage of the communication function and compactness of the smartphone, there are many apps that can listen to the radio in the smartphone. Although it is television and it is also good to see the screen, such as smartphones, but what you try to enjoy the only voice once in a while to hear my radio in smartphone?

TV app

 TV app, is an application that allows you to watch TV by taking advantage of the communication function of the smartphone. Since you use the internet, you will be able to watch high-quality video than Seg. In addition, news and variety shows, movies, also various genres of programs such as anime you can watch. However, since in some cases you need, such as contracts and fine setting with skill in the art, and Try to keep firmly confirmation.  There are a lot app of this addition to entertainment system also. If your life than become rich, you may want to go with more and more. If we find a way of enjoying your own, I might be interesting.