What smartphone?

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 Recently, the owner of the smartphone is as can be seen from the following graph, and continues to grow with each passing year, most people now own. So, what is the a smartphone? Here, you can easily think you would like to the description of the smartphone.

The smartphone?

 The smartphone, it is a multi-functional mobile phone that can operate on the touch panel. Formally referred to as the smart phone (smartphone) is to, to those famous include the iPhone and Android devices. Street when translated, is named "smart phone" in Japanese, you have a lot of features as compared to the usual mobile phone. First major difference between conventional mobile phone, is to operate the touch panel with a finger, has the advantage of more intuitively manipulate. In addition, there is also the aspect of close to a personal computer, you will be able to extend the function freely be to download the application (app). Such, would Sumaho unique degree of freedom in height. The app for the smartphone, from app to use the SNS to game app, because there is a wide range of many kinds, and can be customized your favorite.

Bright future in the smartphone

 The latest technology is packed a lot in the smartphone. You can usually realized by now to be like was not considered in the old days. Sumaho is if you use correctly, and make for our lives a happy and rich ones, I new a great device. Coming era will come smartphone becomes mainstream. Come I want to go now, learn how to continue to firmly take advantage of the smartphone.

iOS and Android

For OS

 Smartphone is a mobile phone rather than it has been said that "a small personal computer". It's as basic software called OS such as Windows and Mac OS is installed on the PC, because OS is installed to smartphone. (What is referred to as the OS to a conventional mobile phone called Garake has been installed, but there is no performance of about OS smartphone.) And, the name of the main OS of the smartphone is the "iOS" of "Android" is. Well, you are said to Android and iPhone, the Android that is the name of the OS that is installed in the smartphone, it is not the name of never smartphone-terminal. In addition, iPhone is the name of the smartphone-terminal, but the name of the OS that comes in is iOS. So, I will continue to explain the difference between iOS and Android.

and iOS?

 First is about the iOS. iOS is the OS that the iPhone and iPad, is the United States of Apple Inc., engaged in the sales and development, such as iPod has developed. iOS, although Apple's the product other than the terminal to even technical installed can be used without problems, Apple Inc. and above Terms You are going to be should not. Therefore, Apple Corporation has performed consistently develop OS to be mounted on the terminal and the terminal. However, thereby ensuring compatibility with terminal (failure is unlikely to occur) can, so that you can use with confidence Even if you smartphone is the first time. Also, compared to have various forms of terminal Android, since iOS the terminal mounted to form a limited come also given in good point that accessories such as a cover and a liquid crystal protective film is large.

The Android?

 Next is about Android. Android is an OS that America's leading companies Google Inc. to the development. Because it has been developed in open source that can freely modified and re-distribution for free, various manufacturers around the world have been developing a terminal, including Japan. Therefore, our the country from among the many terminal, also, select the combined terminal to your lifestyle can be used, can also have a sense of security. For example, one-segment features and mobile wallet function in Japan, with the terminal of waterproof and dustproof (dust) features have been many sales. However, since the malicious application to exploit this freedom exists, referred to but will have inferior iOS Security manner, it can be customized to that extent their preferences, may issue the originality There is a benefit. In addition, Android is not just to smartphone and tablet devices, taking advantage of the freedom, such as even digital cameras and consumer electronics products have come to be mounted. This, we will be able to use the high-performance products to more than ever.


 If you look at the penetration rate of breakdown of smartphone at the time of September 2014, more of Android has become a high penetration rate. However, does not mean Android penetration rate was much higher. As can be seen and if you look at the graph of the transition of Android and iOS penetration rate of below, penetration rate is changing like a wave. This is because the and the launch of new products is affecting, I like this are graph. When the new products of iOS will be released increases the instantly popular, but as time goes on, we will overall price popular flows toward the lower of Android. The Android of penetration was pulled significantly iOS is I am from recently here.

Impact on the application due to the difference in the OS

The But what that app is also present in either of the OS, as software for Windows does not work with Mac OS, and as vice versa, app for Android in iOS, app for iOS it does not work on Android is. In order to be available to both the OS, there is a need to rewrite the program significantly. Because of this, or not delivered only one of the app for the OS, you might or different app release date and time of the OS. In addition, even in the app, which is also distributed for either OS, on the specification of the OS, there is also a somewhat comfortable to use different things. In this way, because there are a variety of differences in iOS and Android, when buying a smartphone to think well, you may want to buy the one that suits your usage.

What is SNS?

 SNS and, it is a service that allows you to go in building a new connection with a variety of people on the Internet. Recently, people who use the SNS (social networking service) has been rapidly increasing.

Convenient use of SNS

 Sumaho that you can feel free to use from the widespread utilization of SNS went up dramatically. There are certainly places dangerous to SNS, but there are many advantages. Here, we introduce a good place and a convenient point of SNS, and I hope everyone in the go with the fun and SNS.

Can be exchanged, such as different people and conversation

 Friends and that got away in the distance, extend or be able to feel free to interact with old friends, to be or can get to know the people who have the same hobby, if good use the SNS the width of human relations you can go. In addition, you can claim their own opinion, and can support a person's opinion, it is also possible to expand the discussion and distant people. And or some people can you agree unexpectedly even for opinion that had been thought to be a minority, you'll also be or encouraged.

It is possible to know immediately the various information

 For SNS is that it is possible to know the situation of the people around in real time, or would not say that the earliest source of information? When the Great East Japan Earthquake, when mail or telephone has a situation that does not lead quite well, there is also a story that was able to exchange information with SNS. Even people do not plan specifically to use, just registering, you might be emergency of it useful.

SNS utilization of

 People who use the SNS is increasing year by year. Number of SNS users in Japan 54.87 million people in the end of 2013, became the result of more than half of the 56.4% and net user population. Compared to the end of 2010 and the end of 2013, you can see that about 20 million people are also an increasing number of SNS users. One of the factors that this kind of SNS users has increased is the popularization of smartphones. Popularization of smartphones has started from 2010. At the same will not go extend the number Gradually also the number of users of SNS at the same time. On that can use about the same net environment to a PC, by smartphone that you can feel free to use has spread, it could be said to have increased the utilization of SNS. SNS, which is used as a new communication tool, Dari connecting the people, that it can get real-time information, new possibilities have spread to infinity. By all means, I want went to enrich the life can be well utilized.

Be careful

 Here we would like to learn more about what to watch out for when using the SNS.

Personal information is not written

 Personal information, refers to information that can identify a specific individual (name, phone number, address etc ....). In SNS, for such as a message of exchange and my diary is viewed in an unspecified number of people, no less that personal information has been known to man various while you do not know. For example, such as the school name to attend such as the profile column of their own, it is that you have posted to be associated with personal information. Direct personal information such as real name and phone number if you look to the package is likely to think whether okay so have not put, but you will be able to examine the phone number and real name follow the school name. Your address or school name, telephone number and,, personal information such as the name of the friend let so that it does not easily posted.

About geotagging

 When you take a photo in the smartphone usually comes with the position information called geotagging. If this is, you can be able to know the shooting location of the photos, the photos in the folder in another shooting location and is a useful feature that can be or is displayed on the top of the map. However, the photos with that geotagging would be unchanged know the location information and lead to up on the SNS, there is a risk that is specific to such address. When you take a picture you want to post to the SNS, we recommend that you turn off the attached location information when you or keep off the record of location information, to post photos to SNS.

Once the writing on their privacy to get the acknowledgment of always party when writing about things of others, people who become unpleasant feelings I think are many. When arbitrarily or write to be involved in privacy of others, in a variety of problems such as human relations of deterioration would occur, let's to absolutely stop. If you want to write really, let's be written after certainly obtain the approval of the parties.

advantages and disadvantages

Sumaho of advantages and disadvantages

Garake a smartphone which is said to have become more convenient than conventional mobile phone called. Of course, there are the benefits, is on its back so caution is needed lurking also many disadvantages. Advantages and disadvantages to be introduced here, just is a little, also, because the perceptions by such person and use form to be used (Method) will vary, please understand. In this way, there is also a benefit to the smartphone, but reality is there is also many disadvantages. However, we also emerging methods to solve it, also, is now research continues also. For example a problem that the "touch sensory no", there is a method of transmitting the sensation finger to generate a vibration when it is touched. Also, with respect to battery life, recently it now can be suppressed by using a display employing a LED backlight. In addition, such advantages and disadvantages, also depends on each terminal. So when you buy a smartphone, it considered to be grasped well such advantages and disadvantages, please choose the terminal that suits them.